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PASABAHCE PROFESSIONAL Allegra Long Drink - 16oz Box Of 6 Pcs

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Manufactured in Turkey

Boost your beverage service and provide your guests with an ideal drinking experience with this Pasabahce 420015 Allegra 15oz. Designed to be versatile enough for formal and relaxed settings alike, this glass is perfect for any restaurant, bar, banquet hall, or catered event.

It boasts tall, slightly-tapered sides to contain your signature mixed drinks and cocktails in the busiest of environments. It's comfortable to hold as well as stable and balanced enough to perch comfortable on the table or bar. Plus, its crystal-clear design enables excellent product visibility in order to showcase your specialty drinks.

Volume : ~470 cc. 15 3/4 US oz. - 16 2/4 UK oz.
Height : 148 mm. 5 3/4”
Top : 65,5 mm. 2 2/4”
Base : 48,5 mm. 2”
Diameter : 78 mm. 3”

Dishwasher Safe; Food Grade; Freezer Safe; Microwavable; Microwave Safe; Scratch Proof; Scratch Safe

About Pasabahce


Note: Pasabahce is manufactured by Sisecam


Founded in 1935 by İşbank at the directive of Atatürk, the founder and the first President of the Republic of Turkey, Şişecam is one of the most established industrial enterprises in Turkey, with a corporate history spanning over 85 years. Today, Şişecam ranks amongst the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, thanks to its exceptional expertise and highly competitive operations. As one of the most powerful industrial conglomerates in the country today, Şişecam has also become a global player in all key areas of the glass industry, as well as businesses focused on soda and chromium compounds. Şişecam has become an international success with its ever-growing production, highly reputable brand image, superior product quality, and sustainable approach to growth. Şişecam is currently one of the world’s leading glass producers, its operations located in 14 countries on four continents, employing over 22,000 people and recording sales in over 150 countries across the globe. In addition, Şişecam is the only global producer operating in all four keys areas of the global glass industry: flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and chemicals. It ranks amongst the world’s top three producers in glassware, and among the top five global producers in glass packaging and flat glass. It is also one of the world’s largest producers of soda, and a world leader in chromium chemicals. Şişecam is a global player in the key areas of the glass industry, such as flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, automotive glasses and glass fibre, as well as in soda and chromium compounds. Additionally, it maintains a pioneering role in mining, energy and recycling. Şişecam is now taking further steps toward achieving its ambitions across the globe. Combining deep-rooted experience with a forward-looking vision, Şişecam adds value to all its stakeholders with a people-oriented and environmentally friendly approach in line with its strategies of sustainable, growth that creates value.